Puskas Pancho Sport Pub

Puskas Pancho Sport Pub

The Sport Pub is named after all time great hungarian football player, Puskás Ferenc (for hungarians he is more commonly known as "Öcsi bácsi").



Photos and souvenirs of him, and floor coverings made of genuine oxhide creates a unique atmosphere in the Puskás Pancho Sport Pub.
On the occassion of emphasized broadcasting, we are offering pub classic dishes and the Menu of Symbol Nightlife to our guests. Besides, quality beers, coffee and wide variaty of other beverages are the guarantee, that there will be hardly any dry throats, meanwhile you can follow your preferred team or game on 15 LCD TVs while sitting in comfortable leather couche, surrounded by unique atmosphere, sportfans and friends.

In the Pub, there is a chance that you can collect Puskás Öcsi souvenirs (mugs, t-shirts, etc), therefor the Pub is a place of pilgrimage for football fanatics.


Why Pancho?

One explanation says because „pancho” in spanish means „fluffy”, thus it is referring nicely to Puskás’s pot-belly. According to another theory, Pancho is a nickname for „Ferenc” or „Francisco” in argentinean. In Spanish it is „Paco”, in argentenean it is „Pancho”.


Opening hours

The Pub is open when there is an emphasized game going. (February 5th – Super Bowl, Champions League : February 14-15, 21-22.). We are still organizing full private and business events at any time! EVENT PROPOSAL