A wedding venue as in your dreams!

Experience the happiest day of your life on a really unique spot without any worries at Symbol Budapest!

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The wedding was perfect! :) Everyone has been praising the waiters, food and
everything... It was really brilliant!
Eszter & Viktor


If you are looking for a unique wedding venue with a professional organization where you can truly enjoy the event even under the stars, but you don't have to worry about the rainy weather, where you can do everything from the preparation, the photography and the wedding until the morning, in 8 different rooms, seated from 20 to 150 people, from informal style to classic… then decide like so many of our happy couples have done so!

We know it will be the most important day of your life, which you can enjoy in our venue without worrying. Due to many years of experience we have learned to help with such matters as for instance what the children will do during the wedding, what to choose if you are uncertain, or how to save time and energy you will need to celebrate till the morning!

Everything in one place!
You don't have to worry about where to have the wedding photographs, the ceremony, where to dress and make up. We have the right place for everything! Our glass-roofed garden shines in natural light, white columns and Mediterranean atmosphere available immediately for your wedding decor, just like the built-in sound and lights,decorative tables and chairs for up to 150 people, so they are not an extra cost.
From classic to casual.
If you don’t have the strict dress code, you can combine the elegant dress with a sneaker or just have ideas for decoration , we accommodate most tastes at the Symbol! Of course, we can also serve to the fans of classic style with many ideas and solutions from vintage to the most special styles!
From a small number to a grand wedding!

In our central room we can seat up to 150 people, our smaller rooms are ideal for ceremony, preparation, or for a smaller number of weddings, so the couple can spend the whole big day in one place, saving themselves from the difficulties of in-town travel.

The child friendly wedding venue.

The unity of the family is really important for us, so we can occupy the children with so many games and programs. This is not a surprise for many, as our guests can enjoy the most family-friendly sunday meals at our venue every week from October to May, where the youngest can try all the toys of the "playstage", or dance to their favourite band just before lunch.

A picture tells you more than 1000 words and one video even more... Watch the touching short movie below about Eszter and Viktor's wedding, we hope you can imagine how could your wedding be here!

... but if you want to see a more detailed picture, our event managers are ready to show you our rooms, even with  VR goggles you can take a look at one of our previous weddings!

Rare fair, human, professional, clean work, and the lot of thanks and congratulations coming from our family highlights
how perfect the location, the food, and the team, not by chance... :))
Judit & Gábor

Our wedding function rooms

As was stated earlier our komplex can provide 8 different rooms and has an area of 3000 square metre, from this selection the bride and bridegroom tend to choose most often from the four rooms listed below according to numbers and requirements. At the same time we are open to all ideas if you would like to choose our 220 years old Cellar, Puskás Pancho Sport Club, Brandus Bar or our Live Music Club that is the venue of Showder Clubs too. The many rooms have the advantage of, if the bride and the bridegroom would like to have a private room for preparation, photography, ceremony, reception and evening party.

Symbol Garden

This is the most imposing room of the komplex, it provides a glass roof which allows views of the sky above. The 400 square metre room with a mediterranean atmosphere  is suitable for seating 150 guests.

Art gallery & event hall

Our upstairs function room provides seating for 80 guests and specifically friendly for families, and is glowing in dazzling splendor. If these are your requirements we recommend the Gallery.

Italian room

A unique shell decorated two wood burning fireplaces, golden styled bar with fork motifs and many other details providing very individually decorated function room. Providing seating for 40 guests this is the best choice for those who like a mediterranean atmosphere.

The Italian private room

If your preferences are for a more intimate , family and close friends enviroment this room is ideal for this. This Italian private room whilst not the largest function room but can provide seating for 20 guests, and also is used for eather the bride preparation and or reception.
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Have you any ideas about the type of menu you would like , because our shef Zsolt Varga would be delighted to discuss your requirements and the menu would be of the highest quality , whether it is more traditional foods or more trendy cuisine. For some ideas take a look at the range of our foods. We also would like you to have a taste of these foods before any final decision.
Esküvői menü #1

Wedding menu #1

- buffet style -
Details and price
- served in cup -
Veal ragout soup with vegetables and sour cream

Main dishes
- served on a buffet table -
Broccoli, mushroom and chicken ragout with cheesy rice balls
Pork cutlet stuffed with ewe-cheese, baked in bread crumble served with baked corn
Roasted snapper filet in lime sauce, with green peas and „kápia” paprika ragout
Leg of duck marinated in rosemary oil, with grilled apple and mashed potato with porcini
Omelette roll stuffed with courgette, accompanied by gratinated cauliflower and sautéed tofu

- served on a buffet table -
Creamy apricot slices
White chocolate cream with forest fruits and brownie crumble
Cheese cake with raspberry and vanilla mousse
Esküvői menü #2

Wedding menu #2

- dish service –
Details and price
- served in soup bowl -
Chicken soup Újházy style
(consommé with chicken, carrot, green peas, mushroom and pasta)

Main dishes
- served on dish -
Bread crumled chicken breast
In mustard marinated, breaded pork tenderloin
Breaded mushroom
Roast duck
Roast pork clod with bacon

Rice with green peas
Parsly flavored potato
Grilled vegetables
Home-made pickles

- served on plate -
Variety of studels and sponge cake Somló stlye (sponge cake with vanilla and chocolate sauce)
Esküvői menü #3

Wedding menu #3

- traditional service style –
Details and price
- served on plate -
Duck liver paté with marinated nuts and salted caramel
Salmon gravlax with baked beetroot and candied orange
Cold veal tenderloin slices marinated in teriyaki, served with wasabi crumble

- served in cup -
Chicken soup with parsly flavored pullet ball, vegetables and pasta

Main dishes
- served on a buffet table -
Pullet steak with pineapple salsa and coriander flavored rice with tomato
Turkey snacks with sautéed vegetables, sesamme and chive
Pig cutlet baked in seeds coat, accompanied by peach and baked young potatoes
Sous-vide leg of veal in creamy sauce and home-made baked dumplinges
Quiche with mushroom and cheddar
Spring rolls in remulade sauce
Rice stuffed, baked paprika

- served on a buffet table -
Citrus tarte with coconut flavored chocolate sauce
Panna cotta with passion fruit jelly and kiwi
Pistacchio and milk chocolate squares
Parfé: strawberry with sour cream, nut an caramel, vanilla flavored milk with egg yellow
Details and price

Let’s celebrate

Our wide range of quality wines and bevarages are available for tasting and ordering . Also the cocktail bar will be open during the wedding. If you have specific requirements for drinks please inform us and we will be pleased to discuss this with you.
Pezsgős koccintás

Champagne toast

- after the ceremony or as a welcome drink –
Details and price
Mixed aperitif drinks from the tray
Hungaria Extra Dry Champagne
Aperol Spritz
Symbol lemonade
Orange juice


Beverage Package

- unlimited consumption for dinner and party –
Details and price
Symbol wines (white, rosé, red)
Dreher beer
Symbol lemonade
Homemade syrups
Soft drinks
Mineral water


Cocktail Bar

Vodka sour
Aperol Spritz
Sex on the beach
Symbol tropical 4 shot

Details and price


Symbol Garden

Children at the wedding

Have you ever imagined, how will the cute 5 years old bridesmaid entertain herself during your wedding? And how will your godson make pranks throughout the most beautiful day of your life? Our chirdren’s corner offers solution for all of your concerns.
Symbol Garden

Photos at the wedding

If you’ve already contacted all of your friends but you still wouldn’t want them to be the photographer on your big day then we can help you find a professional one. If you’ve already contacted everyone but you still don’t want the most important pictures of your life to be created by an enthusiastic hobby photographer then we will help you find a professional one.
Symbol Garden

Decorations and wedding

Do you have vintage, classic, or even extravagant idea according to the design but you don’t know how to start and would like to save yourself from the problems with preparations, again we can offer you advice on this.
Symbol Garden

Are you bored with the usual wedding menus?

Impress your guests with our comprehensive menu. Midnight pizza at a wedding? Let the guests taste the legendary Symbol pizza that is made in our unique wood-burning oven.
The wedding was wonderful,
once again thanks for the help, the couple was very happy!
Local Weddings – Panni & Miki